"GLI’s business is to test, review and report on gaming devices and systems against the standards established by relevant gaming jurisdictions worldwide. Each jurisdiction has the authority to set their own standards; however, many use our standards as a starting point in developing their regulations.

In other words, GLI has established the base standards for gaming devices and systems around the world. "


GLI - 11Gaming Devices
GLI - 12Progressive Gaming Devices
GLI - 13On-Line Monitoring and Control Systems
GLI - 16Cashless Systems in Casinos
GLI - 17Bonusing Systems in Casinos
GLI - 18Promotional Systems in Casinos
GLI - 19Interactive Gaming Systems
GLI - 20Redemption Kiosks
GLI - 21Client-Server Systems
GLI - 24Electronic Table Games Systems
GLI - 25Dealer Controlled Electronic Table Games
GLI - 27Network Security Best Practices
GLI - 28Player User Interface Systems
GLI - 29Card Shufflers and Dealer Shoes