The Division of Permit & Licensing (DPAL) oversees the application and registration process for gaming and non-gaming employees and for non-gaming vendors.

DPAL issues and maintains these classes of licenses and permits for the following:

  • Casino Employees (CE)
  • Casino Key Employees (CKE)
  • Dealer Trainees/Interns
  • Non-Gaming Employees (NG) - Registration Only
  • Non-Gaming Licensed Employees (NG-L)
  • Non-Gaming Key Employees (NGK)
  • Gaming Vendor Representatives (GV Rep)
  • Non-Gaming Vendor Representatives (NGV Rep)
  • Junket Operator and Promoter (JOP)
  • Junket Operator and Promoter Representatives (JOP)
  • Junket Operator and Promoter Representatives (JOP Rep)

Each application/registration is screened diligently to ensure compliance with the CCC Rules & Regulations as well as with applicable US federal and CNMI laws.

The application for a casino employee license or non-gaming registration requires each employee to submit a completed application or registration, a copy of a at least two valid photo identification, police clearance, complete a pre-employment drug test, certificate of completion of the Title 31 Bank Secrecy Act - Anti-Money Laundering training, and the following signed and notarized documents;

  1. Child support statement as mandated by U.S. Federal Laws;
  2. Release authorization and waiver of liability;
  3. Statement of truth; and,
  4. An affidavit and waiver of liability and consent to inspections, searches, and seizures.

This application goes through a vetting process and other background and due diligence check from the law enforcement agencies, the Office of the Attorney General, Superior Court and other related agencies. The results of this background check determine the applicant’s license qualification and/or disqualification. Inclusive as a qualifying applicant(s) requires fingerprinting and Digital photographs, and shall, in writing, consent to the supplying of a handwriting exemplars in the form and manner directed upon request of the Commission.

Another important aspect of the licensing process is the work status for non-US citizen workers to ensure compliance with US immigration laws. DPAL requires all non-US citizen workers to provide documents to prove that they are authorized to work in the US.

These documents include (but not limited to):

  1. Work Visa;
  2. Passport;
  3. I-797 – this is the approval notice which indicates the work authorization for: type of work authorization, company, position/title, and length of work authorization; and
  4. I-129CW – Petition for a CNMI-Only Nonimmigrant Transitional Worker, a nonimmigrant classification to work as a nonimmigrant in the CNMI temporarily as a CW-1, CNMI-Only Transitional Worker.
  5. H2B Visa -Temporary Non-Agricultural Workers Visa Program. Temporary hire to perform nonagricultural labor services and employment, and temporary in nature for a limited period of time
  6. I-766/EAD – Employment Authorization Documents. A work permit issued by the USCIS that provides proof allowing temporary employment authorization to noncitizens in the U.S. (Asylee, refugee)

Other duties include license recommendations for investigation, revocation, and disqualification based on reports submitted by the Division of Enforcement and Investigations (DEI) and voluntary information from casino employees.


The following are some casino employee positions that are considered gaming and must be licensed to work on the casino floor as well as access the restricted area at the back-of-house. Some of these positions include:

  • Cage & Count Personnel
  • Compliance Personnel
  • Electronic Gaming Personnel
  • Gaming Technical Services Personnel
  • Information Technology Personnel
  • Legal Personnel
  • Marketing Personnel
  • Security Personnel
  • Surveillance Personnel
  • Table Games Personnel



Some non-gaming employees must also be licensed if their jobs require them to work on the casino floor or view gaming-related documents. Other non-gaming employees are required to be registered with the CCC within two (2) weeks of hiring date with the licensee. Some of these positions include:

• Food & Beverage Personnel
• Indoor & Outdoor Maintenance Service Personnel
• General & Administrative Personnel
• Purchasing Personnel
• Hotel Operations Personnel


The CCC conducts an annual renewal registration for non-gaming employees; whereas casino employee licenses are renewed every three years and casino key employee licenses along with junket operator/promoter licenses are renewed every two years. The renewal for gaming employees is determined based on their hire date; whereas key gaming employee and junket operator/promoter licenses are determined based on the outcome of the due diligence and suitability investigation results and the Commission’s approval.

All licenses and identification cards issued by the Commission remains at all times property of the Commission and must be surrendered to the Commission immediately upon request by any Commission member, agent, or the Executive Director.

DPAL in its capacity is assigned to receive and review all registration and documents filed with the Commission, and to conduct the due diligence, and background investigation on all domestic and foreign non-gaming vendors seeking a privilege in the CNMI’s casino industry to do business with the casino licensee. Any person or entity who transacts more than the $250,000.00 threshold initially, or exceeded the threshold in a trailing twelve (12) months with the casino licensee and its affiliated companies must register as a casino non-gaming vendor from the CCC.

The Casino Non-Gaming Vendor Registration form must be accompanied with supporting documents that include: a valid gov’t issued photo identification (Driver license, passport, foreign identification card), valid business license, partnership agreement/operating agreement, annual corporation report, Audited/Unaudited financial statements (must include the business’s: Income statement, Balance sheet, statement of cashflow and Corporate annual tax filings), regulatory registration fee payment receipt, and other related documents deemed necessary or as requested by the Commission during the course of the vetting and processing period

The casino non-gaming vendor registration fee is $2,000 and shall be paid in full before a registration certificate is issued. The registration fee is due entirely and payment shall not be prorated for partial payment of the fee. The casino non-gaming registration is valid for 3 years and renewable upon payment of the registration fee 30 days before the current registration expiration.