July 18, 2019


A. Call to Order

Chairman Juan Sablan called the meeting to order at 11 :05 am on Thursday, July 18, 2019 at the Conference Room located on the 2nd Floor of the Commission's main office at the Springs Plaza in Gualo Rai, Saipan.

B. Roll Call

Commissioners present at the meeting were: Juan M. Sablan (Chairman), Joseph C. Reyes (Vice Chairman), Ramon M. Dela Cruz (Secretary), Alvaro A. Santos (Treasurer) and Diego M. Songao (Public Affairs/Media Relations).

C. Adoption of Agenda

Vice Chairman Reyes made a motion to adopt the agenda, seconded by Commissioner Dela Cruz. The motion was put to a vote and unanimously approved.


A. Report by the Chairman

The Chairman announced that he called this special meeting primarily because of the pending case between IPI and the CCC in the CNMI Superior Court. He noted that it is possible that Judge Govendo will render a decision on the case by July 19, 2019. He announced that the Commission initially presented a settlement offer to IPI which they rejected, and instead returned with a settlement counter offer. The Chairman elaborated that he has reviewed IPl's counter offer which is seeking the Commission's consideration to allow them 120 days to seek the legislature's assistance in amending the law regarding public disclosure. The Chairman acknowledged that lPl's counter offer seems to be reasonable and that should the legislature fail or refuse to amend the law, it will revert to the CNMI Superior Court for its decision. The Chairman commented that it's been over four years, and why is it only now that IPI challenging the law on public disclosure. He asked Counsel Ernest to elaborate further on the case in executive session. The Chairman informed the Commissioners that this meeting is an opportunity for the Commissioners to collectively decide on lPl's counter offer. He would like for IPl's Counsels to brief the Commission on what their counter offer entails.

B. Report by the Acting Executive Director

Mr. Charlie Atatig, Acting Executive Director, announced that the Executive Director is currently on personal leave and is expected to return by July 30t h, just in time for the Commission scheduled meeting on July 31 st . He noted that he will respectfully defer most of his report until the July 31st regular meeting, so that everyone can focus on the current litigation as noted under New Business.

Mr. Atalig reported that the Chairman received communication from the Saipan Northern Island Legislative Delegation (SNILD) regarding a request for input and recommendations on