APPLICATION. Submission of completed Commonwealth Casino Commission (CCC) Junket Operator Application Form.

FEES.  Payment of Application Fees:

     a. Provisional Application Fee: $5,000.00

     b. Regular Application Fee: $5,000.00

     c. An additional investigative fee of $6000.00 will also be assessed for all Regular License Applications and Regular License Renewal Applications.

LETTER OF INTENT from Imperial Pacific International (CNMI), LLC (IPI) to the CCC.

*Must include the following documents:

     a.  IPI’s Letter of Intent to do business with the applicant as a Junket Operator;

     b. IPI’s Certification and Assurances that the applicant is suitable to be a Junket Operator;

     c.  Completed IPI’s Financial Suitability Investigations and Findings; and,

     d.  Compliance with Title 31 (BSA/AML Program). All applicants are required to develop and adopt a Comprehensive Bank Secrecy Act/Anti Money Laundering (BSA/AML) Program prior to starting any junket activities.

AGREEMENT: All applicants are required to have a Junket Agreement between IPI and the Junket Operators prior to starting any junket activities.

INVESTIGATION FEES: All applicants are required to deposit payment of $6,000 each for the continuing Investigations & Vetting Fees before starting any junket activities.

INCORPORATE IN THE CNMI. All applicants are required to establish a Limited Liability Company (“LLC”) in the CNMI prior to starting any junket activities. Although the LLC is the applicant, the Principal(s) are the focus of the suitability investigations in the initial licensing process.

BUSINESS LICENSE. All applicants are required to obtain a CNMI Business License for a Junket Operator License. All applicants are also required to establish a CNMI Bank Account.

TERMS AND CONDITIONS. All Junket Operator Licenses will have terms and conditions to include the following:

     a. Submit all CCC-requested documents and other relevant information within a specified period of time;

     b. Junket Operator (Principal/Representatives) must undergo AML training prior to starting any  Junket activities. IPI has offered to provide the initial training and certification;

     c. Establish the Four+ AML Pillars; and,

     d. Junket Operators will certify that they understand and will abide by the CNMI Tax Laws & Regulations and the U.S. Work VISA requirements.

SUITABILITY.  All applicants must be found suitable to be a Junket Operator. The vetting and other suitability investigations must not show any serious adverse or other negative findings and must be financially sound (proof of sufficient financial capability/net worth). No serious Criminal Convictions within the last 10 years, and no association with Organized Crime groups. All applicants are required to certify and assure that they have met all the requirements and conditions noted herein.