The CCC established the Information Technology (IT) Unit within the Executive Division in August of 2015 for the purpose of building and managing the IT infrastructure of the CCC. This infrastructure includes the local area and wireless networks, electronic databases, server management, cloud architecture, agency website, and main-to-field office communications. As a new CNMI government agency, everything in the IT Unit had to be built from the ground up. Over time, the CCC website has gone through numerous design and content iterations as the IT Unit solicited feedback internally from CCC management and divisions. The IT Unit has also reviewed and deployed updated security settings and best practices in order to ensure the protection of privacy information from cyber threats and data leaks.

Initially, the IT Unit also headed and helped lay the groundwork of the Technological Compliance section of the CCC in anticipation of the introduction of advance casino equipment and related gaming devices from the casino licensee. This primary overseer role was moved into the later formed Compliance Division. However, the IT Unit still plays an active role in assisting in technology software and hardware changes of the licensee.

Throughout the years, the IT Unit has completed significant improvements and upgrades to the existing IT infrastructure in order to meet the needs of the CCC’s growing office. The unit has established a solid foundation for future infrastructure by providing the CCC with enhanced software and hardware resources in order to support efficient day-to-day operations. The IT Unit has successfully implemented new system deployments that help to improve investigative research capabilities, file management and overall efficiency. The IT Unit is constantly researching, learning and deploying new technologies that will help keep the CCC’s IT infrastructure secured, optimized, and efficient.