The Executive Division of the Commonwealth Casino Commission (CCC) includes the Administrative Services Unit and the Information Technology Unit.  The Administrative Unit has been established within the Executive Division in order to address the autonomous nature of the CCC. This unit includes an Accountant, Human Resources Officer and Procurement Officer. This structure allows the CCC to identify, process and monitor daily administrative needs in an efficient manner. 

Administrative/Procurement Officer

Donald joined the CCC in February of 2018 as the Administrative Officer of Procurement and was also designated to be the Property Manager the same year. His previous work experience includes over seventeen (17) years in a supervisory and management role as the Division Manager of Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. in Salem, Oregon (Jun. 2007-Aug. 2017), and as the Medical Claims Supervisor for NMI Retirement Fund / Group Health & Life Insurance Trust Fund, Saipan (Mar. 2000-May. 2007). He also has extensive experience in Program Development, Employee Benefit Programs, Governmental Accounting, Auditing and Reporting. Mr. Camacho established and designed the Health Insurance Claims Processing System and the Life Insurance Administration Monitoring Systems for the Group Health & Life Insurance Trust Fund. He has a positive attitude, great energy, communication, and analytical skills. He's always enthusiastic to assist management team and co-workers. He enjoys the outdoor adventures, farming and gardening.

Donald has received numerous training including but not limited to University of Nevada (UNLV) Las Vegas International Center for Fundamentals of Gaming Regulation for Land-Based Casino Programs. International Foundation of Employee Benefits, Management Concepts, Employee Development & Staffing Certifications with CNMI Office of Personnel Management (OPM), and also a member of the 2019 Public Service Recognition (PSRW) committee for the Government.



The latest addition to the CCC family, Catherine started with the Commonwealth Casino Commission in November, 2018.  Catherine brings over 20 years of accounting, administrative and managerial experience in both private and public sectors. She started her public service working for the CNMI government as an Accountant I for the CNMI Judiciary in December 2016, and worked as a Senior tax preparer for H & R Block-Saipan for over 10 years, eventually becoming the General Manager. Catherine earned her Bachelor of Science in Commerce Degree, majoring in Economics, at St. Scholastica's College, in Manila, Philippines.

Human Resource Officer

Juanette joined the CCC in August 2015 as the Human Resource Officer.  She brings over 15 years of clerical/administrative government and private sector experience.  She was a Records Assistant/Deputy Clerk at the CNMI Superior Court, a Legal Secretary with Micronesian Legal Services – Marianas Office (MLSC), Administrative Assistant II with the IT Division at Northern Marianas College (NMC), Administrative / Procurement Officer with the Strategic Gaming Solutions, Inc. dba CLUB C.

Juanette is a certified Timekeeper with the CNMI Government, a member of the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM) and also a member of the Public Service Recognition (PSRW) committee for the Government.

Juanette has received and completed several trainings and certifications such as:  Government certified Time Keeper, Casino Regulatory Enforcement Training, Effective Public Service Training, numerous EEOC Trainings, Substance Abuse Awareness Trainings and numerous other trainings in the Human Resources field.

Executive Secretary

Elicia joined the CCC in February 2018 as the Executive Secretary.  She brings over 5 years of administrative and human resource experience, having been and administrative assistant in several private companies and her most recent position of Human Resources Officer at POI Aviation.

Elicia has received and completed several trainings such as:  Record keeping & Time management, Preventing Sexual Harassment and Workforce Diversity. She has extensive software proficiency covering a wide variety of applications and can operate most standard office equipment. She is proficient in Word Processing, Spreadsheet, Digital Presentations, Communication, Financial Literacy, Customer Service and Basic work etiquette.