The Division of Enforcement & Investigations (DEI) is the enforcement arm of the CCC that primarily oversees the day-to-day enforcement and investigations related to criminal, regulatory compliance, and key licensing matters. DEI is comprised of two distinct Units, an Enforcement Unit and an Investigations Unit, and currently has a total of 15 well-trained agents whom have a combination of education, investigative experience, and/or are former veteran law enforcement personnel. DEI promotes professionalism amongst its agents and is committed to protecting the integrity of the Saipan’s casino gaming industry.

DEI works collaboratively with all other CCC Divisions to actively safeguard the public’s interest by ensuring fair and responsible gaming, requiring the highest standards of compliance, ensuring strict enforcement of the laws and regulations required of the casino gaming licensee and those whom it transacts with, and exercise and employ the highest levels of professionalism, proficiency, and ethics by our agents.


The Enforcement Unit is responsible for ensuring the day-to-day compliance with P.L. 18-56, P.L. 19-24, Casino Regulations, and the Minimum Internal Control Standards by the exclusive casino licensee and those within the casino facility. This is accomplished by maintaining 24 hours-a-day and seven days-a-week physical on-site and surveillance presence at the casino facility through three shifts. The Enforcement Unit has a permanent station at the casino facility and utilizes state-of-the-art security and CCTV surveillance technology to monitor, track, and record all activities on the casino floor and back of house. This Unit works closely with the Divisions of Audit and Compliance in the monitoring and tracking of all movements of funds.

The Enforcement Unit also takes part in a proactive responsible gaming program by managing the Self-Exclusion Program, which is a confidential list of individuals whom voluntarily register to be prohibited from entering the casino floor for a period of up to five years. This list helps curb problem gamblers from continuing to partake in gambling activities at the exclusive casino property. Additionally, the Enforcement Unit, along with IPI, maintains an Exclusion List, which is a list of individuals that met a specified criterion outlined in the CCC Regulations (known criminals or criminally-oriented individuals) whom are banned from the casino floor indefinitely.


The Investigations Unit is responsible for detailed and complex background investigations into applicants for privileged CCC licenses that include Casino Key Employees, Casino Service Providers, and Junket Operators. These applicants are subject to extensive personal background and financial activity investigations. The purpose of conducting these special in-depth investigations is to examine the integrity and financial responsibility of the applicant in order to make a determination as to the applicant’s suitability to be in business with our exclusive casino licensee.

These investigations are compiled and summarized through a written detailed report that is provided to the Executive Director and Commissioners as a basis for licensing decisions. This process helps to ensure full oversight of key persons involved in Saipan’s casino gaming industry. This Unit works closely with the Division of Permit & Licensing in the issuance of licenses for Casino Key Employees, Casino Service Providers, and Junket Operators.

The Investigations Unit works closely with the Audit, and Compliance Divisions in the enforcement of anti-money laundering activities including the monitoring, tracking, and reporting of all Cash Transaction Reports (CTR) and Suspicious Activity Reports (SAR) of casino patrons.

Furthermore, the Investigations Unit is tasked with the responsibility of handling all grievances and tips of casino gaming-related violations submitted to the CCC. All informants can opt to remain anonymous and all statements taken are investigated and managed in accordance with the severity of the issue.

The Investigations Unit maintains constant communications with federal, international, and local law enforcement partners to leverage and share intelligence—criminal convictions, citations, warrants, licensing suitability, and more.

The Enforcement Unit also works closely with the Assistant Attorney General assigned to the CCC in prosecuting cases of regulatory and criminal violations.