Andrew Yeom

Andrew joined the CCC on July 2015 as the Technology Auditor before quickly obtaining his promotion to Manager of the Division of Audit & Compliance. This Division was subsequently split into two Divisions: Division of Compliance, and the Division of Audit. Andrew was most recently an Executive in charge of the Gaming Division of the High1 Entertainment, an affiliate of “Kang Won Land” Casino (the biggest Casino in Korea). Before joining High1 Entertainment, he worked over 10 years as a head manager of global businesses at various renowned publicly listed (NASDAQ and/or KOSDAQ) gaming companies in Korea. Prior to his arrival in Korea, he worked as an IT engineer/programmer and a software QA for Salomon Smith Barney/CitiGroup at Wall Street, NY. At CitiGroup, Andrew also earned a QA diploma for completing the CitiGroup Boot camp/academic course. Andrew is a graduate of Rutgers, a New Jersey State University, receiving his Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in Marketing in 1994. He also graduated with honors in computer programming from the Chubb Institute in New Jersey, an advanced professional institute for computer programming. On November 7th of 2020, he was appointed as the new Commonwealth Casino Commission Director.

Andrew has completed Technical trainings that include: Gaming Machine Field Inspection, Gaming Devices and Accounting, Game Mathematical & Performance Analysis, and Casino Cage Operations. Also, he has completed Title 31/ Anti-Money Laundering training provided by regulators from the United States Department of Treasury’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network and Internal Revenue Service, Advanced Gaming Regulatory trainings provided by the Nevada Gaming Control Board and through the University of Nevada, Las Vegas’ International Center for Gaming Regulation on Regulating Land-Based Casinos, Casino Auditing, and Pre-Licensing Financial & Background Investigations.

Ruth Ann P. Sakisat

Executive Assistant to the Commission

Ruth Ann joined the Commonwealth Casino Commission (“CCC”) on January 1, 2015 as the Executive Assistant to the Commission. She brings with her over 20 years of government service experience from holding positions at various supervisory to management capacities. In October of 2014, she volunteered her time to provide executive assistance to the five Commissioners of the newly created CCC. After a few months of rigorous work helping to organize this new regulatory agency, Ruth Ann was hired as the Executive Assistant to the Commission. Prior to joining the CCC, she was the General Manager of the Commonwealth Government Employees Credit Union, a position Ruth Ann held for four years (December 2014). Those whom work with her describe her as having a diligent work ethic, positive attitude, effective communication skills, and keen foresight that is critical to the CCC’s event and strategic planning.

Ruth Ann has received numerous training including but not limited to Casino Regulatory Enforcement, Fundamentals of Regulation for Land-Based Casinos, and Pre-Licensing Financial and Background Investigations from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas International Gaming Institute; the National Workshop on Financial Crime conducted by Oceania Customs Organization; Supervisory Training on Substance Abuse Awareness and Drug Free Work Place Policy and Procedures conducted by OPM and WestCare; attended the 2016 & 2017 International Association of Gaming Regulators Conferences; attended the ACAMS 9th Annual AML & Financial Crime Asia Pacific Conference.


Ian Morrell

Information Technology - Manager

Ian joined the CCC in July of 2015 as the Computer Systems Administrator and was promoted to Manager of the Information Technology Section. Ian is the administrator of the CCC’s website. He obtained his Bachelor of Arts degree from AIC, Denver after 5 years in the US Navy Submarine Fleet as a Navigations Electronic Technician, specializing in Navigation, Network Operations and Interior Communications. While in the Navy, Ian qualified for many diversified stations including Quartermaster, Auxiliary Electrician, and Atmospheric Monitoring. Ian is also an entrepreneur and is President/Creative Director of Typhoon Digital Productions, a company that provides video, animation, graphic and web design services for many local organizations. Ian served as a board member of the Autism Society of the CNMI and the State Rehabilitation Council.

Ian attended the following casino related training: University of Nevada, (UNLV) Las Vegas Regulatory Training, Global Laboratories International Electronic Gaming Machine Audit Training, Gaming Machine Field Inspection and the World Gaming Protection Conferences.


Vicente B. Babauta

Division of Enforcement & Investigations - Manager

Vince started at the Commission on April 2018, as the Special Agent-in-Charge for the Division of Enforcement & Investigation and promoted to Division Manager. Prior to joining the Commission, Vince was the Chief Investigator for the CNMI Office of the Attorney General Investigative Division. As Chief Investigator, Vince oversaw the day-to-day operations for both Civil and Criminal investigations. Vince has a Bachelor Degree in Criminal Justice from City University in Seattle, Washington, and has over twenty years of law enforcement experience. Vince’s extensive experience, specifically in the area of White-Collar Crimes (Fraud, Embezzlement, Bribery, Financial etc.), is most reputable. Being experienced in the fields of Organized Crime, Prostitution Operation, Violent Crimes, Illegal Gambling are just the surface of his time spent in this field.

Vince has completed the following casino gaming trainings: Title 31-Bank Secrecy Act (BSA), Anti-Money Laundering, Regulating Land Based Casino, Pre-Licensing Financial & Background Investigations, Casino Crime Investigation, the 2019 World Gaming Protection Conference.


Leonard Leon
Division of Audit & Compliance - Manager