Public Law (PL) 18-56 and PL19-24 require the Commonwealth Casino Commission (CCC) to promulgate the Rules and Regulations for the Saipan integrated casino resort industry and to license, regulate, and enforce those regulations.

The CCC has the powers and authority to promulgate Rules and Regulations, as may be necessary to fulfill the intent, provisions and purposes of PL 18-56, PL 19-24, and the Casino License Agreement.

The CCC has the powers and authority to supervise, monitor and investigate or other means to ensure the suitability and compliance with the legal, statutory and contractual obligations of owners, operators, and employees of casinos and other persons licensed pursuant to PL 18-56, PL 19-24, Casino License Agreement (CLA) and the adopted CCC Regulations.


• Examine, supervise, and monitor the continuing fiscal and financial capability of casino owners, operators, concessionaires and other parties with any direct relation to the sole casino and to protect the public in the event that such capability is significantly diminished.

• Collaborate in the definition, coordination and execution of the economic policies for the operations of the casino games of fortune and other ways of gaming, pari-mutuels, wagering and casino gaming activities offered to the public.

• Levy penalties for the late payment of applicable fines or fees.

• Issue licenses for junket promoters of casino games of fortune or other casino gaming activities, single or collective junket promoter(s), their partners and principal employees or agents.


• Examine, supervise, and monitor the activities and promotions of the junket promoters in relation to their compliance with legal, statutory, and contractual obligations, and other responsibilities stipulated in the applicable legislation and contracts.

• Ensure that the relationship of the licensed gaming operators with the government and the public is in compliance with the CCC Regulations and provides the highest interest to the Commonwealth.

• Establish a policy for exclusion and removal of undesirable persons from the sole casino.

• Levy civil penalties for the violation of casino gaming regulations promulgated by the CCC, any provisions of PL 18-56, PL 19-24, or the CLA.

• Require and demand access to and inspect, examine, photocopy, and audit all papers, books and records of the casino operator on its premises or elsewhere as practical, including inspecting the gross income produced by the casino operations, gaming business and verification of their income, and all other matters affecting the enforcement of the CCC Regulations.