The CCC Regulations mandate that all Casino Employees, Key Employees, Casino Service Providers,  and Casino Vendors conducting business transactions of $250,000 or more per annum with IPI, and those interested in the Junket Program must acquire a CCC License.

The Commission’s Division of Permit & Licensing, in cooperation with the Division of Enforcement & Investigations conduct extensive background checks and suitability investigations to determine whether applicants are eligible for licensure. All investigations result in a recommendation to the Commission to either grant or deny a license.

All CCC Regulatory Application Fees are paid at the CNMI Department of Finance. Applicants provide CCC with payment receipts as part of the application package. (Business Unit #: 7079A)

1. Casino Service Provider License - Regular$5,000
2. Casino Vendor License - Regular$2,000
3. Prov. Casino Service Provider License$2,500
4. Prov. Casino Vendor License$1,000
5. Petition for Declaratory Ruling$200
6. Agent Enrollment$500
7. Declaratory Ruling List Notification$100
8. Document Duplication/Copy$1.00/page
9. CCC I.D. Badge Replacement$20
10. Casino Junket Operator License$5,000
11. Prov. Casino Junket Operator License$5,000
12. Investigative Fee$6,000