September 26, 2019



A. Call to Order

Chairman Juan Sablan called the meeting to order at 10:03 am on Thursday, September 26, 2019 at the Conference Room located on the 2nd Floor of the Commission's main office at the Springs Plaza in Gualo Rai, Saipan.

B. Roll Call

Commissioners present at the meeting were: Juan M. Sablan (Chairman), Joseph C. Reyes (Vice Chairman), Ramon M. Dela Cruz (Secretary), Alvaro A. Santos (Treasurer) and Diego M. Songao (Public Affairs/Media Relations).

C. Adoption of Agenda

Commissioner Dela Cruz suggested to move New Business item A.1 to item G.

Commissioner Dela Cruz made a motion to adopt the agenda as amended, seconded by Commissioner  Songao. The motion was put  to  a vote and unanimously   approved.

D. Adoption of Minutes: August 28, 2019

Commissioner Dela Cruz made a motion to adopt the minutes of the August 28, 2019 meeting, seconded by Commissioner Songao. The motion was put to a vote and unanimously approved.


A. Report by the Chairman

Chairman Sablan shared that he personally informed the members of the Commission about Pacific Rim's recent filing of Civil Action CV-19-0016, Complaint for Breach of Contract and Breach of Promissory Note against Imperial Pacific International (CNMI), LLC and five other individuals. The Director asked that since the matter is before the court,  the Commission refrain from making any public comments about it. He also asked Legal Counsel Ernest to further report on  the matter during executive  session.

The Chairman reported that the EEOC filed a suit against IPl regarding a labor issue, which was reported in recent news. He asked the Director to provide a copy of the article to the Commissioners for their discussion. The Director noted that this is also an ongoing case and any discussion should be under executive session.

The Chairman commented that in reference to CCC Order 2019-004, which was deferred during the August Commission meeting, he and the Director instead sent a letter to Mr. Mark Brown requiring him to submit a response to  the letter by December 3,  2019.